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Wendell Maddox is President and CEO of ION Corporation. Starting with no more than a dream in 1985, Mr. Maddox turned ION Corporation in 3 years into an engineering company with annual revenues of $13 million. ION Corporation has been recognized as a United States leader in the fabrication of spaceflight and aerospace hardware. Mr. Maddox’s vision has lead ION to expand its products and services from manufacturing, to design, engineering, and systems integration. In 2005, ION was presented NASA’s Special Recognition Award for its performance on NASA’s Deep Space Network Advanced Systems Program.

Mr. Maddox founded the Midwest Aerospace Consortium of Small Business, which has a membership to more than 300 small businesses located throughout 6 Midwestern states. Its Charter is to bring Midwest technology to the aerospace industry and the United States of America. Mr. Maddox also served as a director on the Board of the American’s for a Sustainable Economy. He served as Chairman to the White House Conference on Small Business from the State of Minnesota and has personally met with a number of Presidents including Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Wendell has a deep sense of community responsibility serving on the MN State Board of Education, the Hopkins Rotary, and the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce and chairing the Hopkins United Way campaign. He served as Director for Minnesota Project Outreach, Minnesota Youth at Risk.

After completing his service in the US Air Force, and acquiring his BSEE degree from the University of Minnesota, Mr. Maddox joined FMC Corporation. During his 20 year career, he held a variety of management positions and was the General Manager of Manufacturing, when he left to found ION. He currently resides with his wife Julia and youngest son Julian in Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.


Minneapolis Central High School
Brown Institute – Electrical Engineering
Metropolitan Junior College – Electrical Engineering
University of Minnesota – Electrical Engineering
Dartmouth College – Amos Tuck School (Minority Business Executive Program)


Midwest Aerospace Consortium of Small Businesses (MACSB) – Founder
NASA Advisory Board (MBRAC)
Minnesota State Board of EducationHopkins Rotary
Twin West Chamber of Commerce
Hopkins Chairman – United Way
Minnesota Project Outreach Director
Minnesota Youth at Risk Director
White House Conference on Small Business-Chairman MN
Director for Hearing Aid of Minnesota
Minnesota People to Watch Director
Director for Americans for a Sustainable Economy Director
Twin Cities One to One mentoring partnership


FMC Corporation – 20 years, Manufacturing Manager
ION Corporation, President & CEO, founded in 1984


McDonnell Douglas Preferred Supplier Award
Honeywell Award of Excellence
SBA Award of Excellence
SBA Supplier of the Year
TRW Supplier of the Year
1995 Senator Nunn/Secretary of Defense Perry Award
Protégé of the Year
Alliant Tech Systems Preferred supplier


United States Air Force – 6 years

Contact Tel: (651) 238-5369
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
website: https://www.ioncorp.com/
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendell-maddox-7260121/

Sergiy Tsikhotsky is the Director of Stavatti Ukraine. As Director of the Company he is the senior executive representative for Stavatti Ukraine.

Raised in a typical Ukrainian family, Mr. Tsikhotsky always planned to connect his life with computer technologies.

His educational background began at the Technical University (Vinnitsya, Ukraine), where Sergiy studied computerized managing systems. In 1987 his call for military service completely changed his life. After completing compulsory military service, he connected his life with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Four years of study at Saratov Military Academy provided him with profound knowledge in economical processes within the Armed Forces and developed his leadership abilities.

During his service, he occupied a variety of different positions, including direct service within hot spots. Following the call for Armed Forces modernization, he entered and successfully graduated from the Odessa National Law Academy. During 1990’s and the period of forming a newly independent Ukraine and its Military, the Armed Forces had a need to create the new structural department which would be responsible for the legal support of the army. Having an analytical mind and good experience in economics, Mr. Tsikhotsky was transferred to the position of Law Advisor for the Air Force Space Command.

After retiring from the Air Force Space Command in 2003 he shared his professional experience through law lectures at Universities in Vinnitsya. Since 2010 he started his private law practice and continues to consult the Air Force Space Command on a voluntary basis. He joined Stavatti-Ukraine in 2017 with a goal of helping to modernize and rearm Ukraine’s aged Air Force

Contact Tel: (651) 238-5369
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com

Mikhailo Satanivskyi is the Director of Aviation Development for Stavatti Ukraine. A 1st class military pilot, Mr. Satanivskyi retired from the Air Force of Ukraine with the rank of Colonel. In 1974 he graduated from the Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots where he received higher civilian and secondary military education in the flight operation and use of military aircraft.

From 1974 to 1979 was based in Germany and mastered flying different aircraft types including the MIG-21SM, SMT and MIG-23M. In 1977 Mikhailo received the rank of first class military pilot. Starting 1989 he served in the Soviet Far East, where he was in charge of squadron of MIG-23M fighters.

From 1983 to 1986 Mr. Satanivskyi studied at the Gagarin Air Force Academy. After graduation he was appointed as a deputy commander of the regiment and then commander of the regiment of MIG-29 fighter aircraft.

After the collapse of the USSR, Mikhailo was appointed as Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Air Force. He has over 2,800 hours of flight time on various types of jet fighters and sufficient experience in the investigation of flight accidents, both civilian and military aircraft, as well as the operation and use of military aircraft.

In 2019 Mr. Satanivskyi was appointed as the Director of Aviation Development of the Ukrainian company “Stavatti Ukraine”. The mission of Stavatti Ukraine is to upgrade and re-equip the Ukrainian Air Force with the latest modern military aircraft, using the latest technology available.

Contact Tel: (651) 238-5369
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
website: https://stavatti-ukraine.com.ua/en/