Mikhailo Satanivskyi

Director of Aviation Development For Stavatti Ukraine

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Mikhailo Satanivskyi is the Director of Aviation Development for Stavatti Ukraine. A 1st class military pilot, Mr. Satanivskyi retired from the Air Force of Ukraine with the rank of Colonel. In 1974 he graduated from the Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots where he received higher civilian and secondary military education in the flight operation and use of military aircraft.

From 1974 to 1979 was based in Germany and mastered flying different aircraft types including the MIG-21SM, SMT and MIG-23M. In 1977 Mikhailo received the rank of first class military pilot. Starting 1989 he served in the Soviet Far East, where he was in charge of squadron of MIG-23M fighters.

From 1983 to 1986 Mr. Satanivskyi studied at the Gagarin Air Force Academy. After graduation he was appointed as a deputy commander of the regiment and then commander of the regiment of MIG-29 fighter aircraft.

After the collapse of the USSR, Mikhailo was appointed as Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Air Force. He has over 2,800 hours of flight time on various types of jet fighters and sufficient experience in the investigation of flight accidents, both civilian and military aircraft, as well as the operation and use of military aircraft.

In 2019 Mr. Satanivskyi was appointed as the Director of Aviation Development of the Ukrainian company “Stavatti Ukraine”. The mission of Stavatti Ukraine is to upgrade and re-equip the Ukrainian Air Force with the latest modern military aircraft, using the latest technology available.