Sergiy Tsikhotsky

Director of Stavatti Ukraine

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Sergiy Tsikhotsky is the Director of Stavatti Ukraine. As Director of the Company he is the senior executive representative for Stavatti Ukraine.

Raised in a typical Ukrainian family, Mr. Tsikhotsky always planned to connect his life with computer technologies.

His educational background began at the Technical University (Vinnitsya, Ukraine), where Sergiy studied computerized managing systems. In 1987 his call for military service completely changed his life. After completing compulsory military service, he connected his life with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Four years of study at Saratov Military Academy provided him with profound knowledge in economical processes within the Armed Forces and developed his leadership abilities.

During his service, he occupied a variety of different positions, including direct service within hot spots. Following the call for Armed Forces modernization, he entered and successfully graduated from the Odessa National Law Academy. During 1990’s and the period of forming a newly independent Ukraine and its Military, the Armed Forces had a need to create the new structural department which would be responsible for the legal support of the army. Having an analytical mind and good experience in economics, Mr. Tsikhotsky was transferred to the position of Law Advisor for the Air Force Space Command.

After retiring from the Air Force Space Command in 2003 he shared his professional experience through law lectures at Universities in Vinnitsya. Since 2010 he started his private law practice and continues to consult the Air Force Space Command on a voluntary basis. He joined Stavatti-Ukraine in 2017 with a goal of helping to modernize and rearm Ukraine’s aged Air Force